hip hop w/ no restriction

August 11, 2009

the Beat Konducta lives, ’nuff said.


So spring break has been a WASTE of my life. Nothing happened at all. Nothing. Nada. I almost thought it’d be the shit cause it started out with an old lady party, which was in fact the shit. Come on old ladies reminicin about how girls can’t dress these days and kids be actin a damn fool in public and how that would never fly back then. Nahh these broads were white, they were talkin about wines n shit, hahaa. I got lots of free food at a fancy italian restaurant and a sip of wine [cause I don’t drink]. But as the days went on and I worked off the debt I owed my moms, I realized that NOTHING was going to top that first day. Plus, not having a license and a car really is putting a damper on my life. I can’t go visit any of my friends that live 30 mins away from me cause I have no way of getting there. FML. I’m figuring out how to be more independent. I’m done relyin on anyone anymore except my BEST friends and they know who they are, cause I’ve made it clear.

In other news:

me and Monica are going to NY this summer. Money’s tight but we’ll be alright.

I also reallly wanna go to P4K ’09 and hang out with some of my favorite people while listening to some of my favorite music (Yo La Tengo this year). But yet again, money is short and Bailey aint makin that big girl money yet. Sang, slang, slang.

BUT I am super excited that Spike Jonze is making a movie rendered from my favorite book, Where The Wild Things Are. Karen O is doing the soundtrack for the movie and only good things can come from that shit. Look at the trailer and tell me you’re not interested..


Decided to do my NMS project on body modifications and it has definitely been an experience. We got an extension on the project that spread throughout our spring break, which gave me more time to collect more photos.

I’m ready for my next year of college already; starting off in a new area, maybe not even at Columbia anymore. I think it’ll be good to meet new people and not have to deal with most of these hood rat wannabes. This move will be a good one I can tell.

As always,

P’s bitches

flavorr in ya ear

March 19, 2009

Listenin to some Craig Mack. Smokin again too, Biggie knows; he gets more butts than a ashtray 



I haven’t posted in a long time cause A LOT of shit has been going on; i’m way too lazy to go into details but i’ll update ya’ll:

february came and went

st. patrick’s day was the shit

rolled/smoked  j’s in the park

(this fool haha ^^^)

ate some food

im sure i drank some drank

went to see monica for a weekend

40’s of PBR and Mickey’s

when i can afford it, i’ll roll my own ciggs

still jobless, fuck you

applied for another one today

my moms is opposed my double sided nose piercing

people are leaving for spring break

i know like 3467645 motherfuckers who are gonna be in florida in the next week

i know that i am NOT one of those people

i think i lost one of my best friends this past week

im hatin on a lot of shit right now

im sleepy


fuck the rest..

P’s bitches

post prom

February 16, 2009

  February 14th, chillin just like any other day. But when it hit 7 everyone started buzzin about FlosstraPROMus. We started doing our hair and makeup, coordinating outfits, boys, and the like. Even against my best judgement I helped my friend Calvin look more like Kanye GAY West by making him a fabric heart so he could mirror Kanye’s “808’s” picture for the evening. He owes me. Then Kristen reminded me about pregamin before the show. So we got some cash (the VERY LAST of mine) and got some nasty ass Corona (not my choice; Miller woulda sufficed) with no lime! Regardless it was beer, so we chugged a few more, touched up the lipgloss, took a “family picture”, and we left. It sucked waiting for the “el” and of course I had to pee. Pissed out all the beer I drank on the way there. No buzz for me.


The original plan was to leave at 9:30pm .. OF COURSE we didn’t leave until 10:40ish so I was freaking on our 25 minute “el” ride. We got there and it was actually perfect timing. I said hello to my favorite babies, Curt and Josh, and then snagged a picture with Curt which always makes my night. Flosstradamus didn’t even go on yet and we were dancin freaks. I took some pictures–actually I took a lot of pictures (almost filled my 2GB memory card).


Yello Fever (below) followed Flosstradamus’ amazing set with an almost equally amazing one. Didn’t stop dancing all night. FlosstraPROMus was epic as expected (seriously it was the best time I’ve had in a while). Honestly cant wait til my next Flosstradamus show.


Today I sat down and took the time to watch “Doubt”. It was actually better than I thought it’d be. Meryl Streep never ceases to amaze me(hate her). She can actually look like she’s crying ALL the fucking time. I mean her eyes are always red..ALWAYS. Like someone scratched the shit out of her lash lines. None the less it was a good movie. Watch it.


 I was forced to watch “Whale Rider” (the movie that Rhys keeps claiming he made starring him and my mom) for my NMS class. It as also better than I thought, kinda slow and “independent”, but still good. And the little girl in the movie broke my heart every time she cried. I love foreign children (see earlier post on Slumdog Millionaire). Now I just wanna have a daughter named Pai who has a New Zealand accent. TOO CUTE.


Now it’s 2am and I have to get up for NMS in a few hours, kill me–but do it softly.

Yaw don’t know nothin about this:

still hatin’ on Wyclef though, never liked him..



I quit smoking too; let’s see how long that lasts.

same old

February 12, 2009

 In my 4th week of expensive as hell art school and I guess it’s been going pretty good. I’m finding out that my sex class on friday repeats what my biology class teaches on monday. Greeeat, lucky me gets to hear everything twice. Anyway, I completely believe in karma but for some reason I think it takes a while to get to some bitches who deserve the bad in life, for real. But I’m gonna let these hoes live how they wanna live.

I’ve been workin too hard on my self portrait for my NMS class and it’s kickin my ass (mostly because I don’t wanna do it). In class we looked at other projects and what NOT to do an I feel like I’m doing just that. I just kind of wanted to just paint a picture of me and keep it; so not necessarily for a project or anything.


So I know I’m on the “late train” but I finally got Beirut’s double EP March of the Zapotec/Holland People and it’s really..interesting. I’m still trying to figure out what their thought process was or what Zach Condon’s ideas were when he made the songs. I don’t know if I like it as much, but I’m drawn to the sound in a different way. March of the Zapotec is more like Beirut’s normal style, then when you get to Holland it’s COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. The sound is more digital if anything. They’re using more things that have to be plugged in, rather than a wind instrument (don’t get me wrong, the horns are still present). And samplers w/ synth along with a french horn is pretty weird sounding. But one track I can get into is “Venice” on Holland. I think everyone should check it out, if you’re into that shit cause I am.


For the REAL hip hop heads, you can alwayss always rely on some Madlib


Valentine’s day is coming up and shit and I’m glad that I have some solid plans for once! Going to Flosstradamus’ FlosstraPROMus, which is their prom themed Valentine’s Day dance. This will be my first one now that I can actually go. Haven’t decided what I’m wearing yet but isn’t that just like a girl? Anyways, everyone is goin and I guess I’m glad I’m not going solo. I still wish I had some guap to carry with me. I hate not having emergency cash [that’s why me and Hope are gonna go check out this receptionist job at a salon on Michigan Ave (hopefully that works out)]. Other news, today while we wasted our day playing GTA 4, Rhys fucking shot me in the back of the head with Colin’s air soft gun. That shit hurt soo much; he’s glad I didn’t slice him. Kaitlin’s coming next weekend and I am tooo excited to see her. Fact: We’re gonna smoke soo much bud. Today my horoscope said, “You can often allow a philosophy to override your common sense.” No clue boo.

Fuck that, 

P’s bitches

“knife” by grizzly bear

February 2, 2009

So lately I’ve been really busy, which equal really tired. But over the weeks I’ve done a shit ton. I went to see Passion Pit on Tuesday at Schuba’s. If you don’t know who they are, elighten yoself fools

I went by myself because the tickets were SOLD OUT.


Regardless of going by myself I had a good time. Smoked that kill, you already know; it heightens my hearing abilities [; After the show I tried to meet Michael but they were having an after party and he pretty much ran upstairs to the 21+ area so I didn’ t get to meet him.

New classes started and boy do I know how to pick em. On Mondays and Wednesdays I have New Millenium Studies and Biology of Reproduction, Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Ethics to the Good Life,  and Fidays I have a Human Sexuality Seminar (which counts as a humanities credit or some shit). That seminar is probably the craziest class I could have chosen. Imagine being talked to about anal sex by the “monopoly guy”. NO JOKE. During class, this 60 something- almost deaf- priest/professor said “cum” like 236477 times during class. I’m not uncomfortable with it really, I guess it was just unexpected to be talking about S&M with “grandpa”.

Still job searching in this failing economy, shoot me. I need a break from stress..

back at 2nd home

January 22, 2009



Me and Rhys got really wasted on some Franzia. Luhh that boxed wine. Then we went outside and smoked Cuban cigars, Cohiba cigarettes, and cloves (is it my birthday?). Lung cancer? Then today we wake and baked then went to the nearest book shop. Rhys was kind of lookin for “It” cause we had watched it the night before and I was just looking and then found “Little Children”, which is one of my favorite movies that was odviously a book.


I read the jacket to confirm it. No price though, “it must be free”. I had them put it on hold; it’s only $5. It’ll be the frst book I’ve read in months. Got back and smoked again–cheech and chong was on; no lie. Now about tonight.. bailey’s trying to see about some malt liquor tonight.

You alreaddddy know.

Holla.  Holla.  Holla. Jigalo.


January 20, 2009

white white white white white
white white white white white
white white white white white
white white white white white
white white white white white
white white white white white
white white white white white
white white white white white
white white white black!

$ Big Bills $

January 19, 2009

So last night my pops found a Supro Thunderbolt S6420 bass amp in mint condition at the synagogue (where his studio is, for yaw who don’t know). If you know nothing about music then I’m tellin’ you that Jimmy Page and Mr. Hendrix used that same shit in the 60’s. So basically that shit is worth some major guap!


Went shopping with my moms today; headed over to Targetl. I go in there with hesitation because I don’t plan on running into my old bosses anytime soon. So then I grab some jeans to try on, only to find out my girl Jeanette is working there. First Monica, and now her–and of course both of them are miserable at work; no one listens to me.  I said my hellos and goodbyes then we left and grabbed some TB. My mom copped a bootleg of Slumdog Millionaire and we just finished it. slumdog460

I fell in love with these little indian children, real talk. So much that I’m illegally downloading the soundtrack right now while thinking about a cool name for the little indian girl I plan on adopting in the near future. flossyfront1wa1

Also I was informed by millions that Flosstradamus had their first video “Big Bills” air on MTV2 today. I have braggin rights cause I saw it before most, courtesy of Mr. Cameruci himself. I’m glad when people hear the name they think of me first; my work here is done.


still can’t wait for Passion Pit; that’s gonna be insane in MY membrane.

P’s bitches

home home gnome

January 18, 2009

Finally home and just worked my ass off to finish those tshirts. It’s 12:29am and I wassss gonna check out that kegger tonight, but I doubt there’s any left. Everyone’s probably really wasted and making out with each other just like New Year’s. Oh well. Shit better go my way tomorrow, I think I deserve it. I full heartedly believe in karma which means I should reap the benefits of my labors in Wisconsin and tonight. Too tired to complete my thoughts. P’s bitches.